The Grove by Kate Black – Book Review

The Grove by Kate Black – Book Review

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The Grove
Author – Kate Black
Publisher – CreateSpace
Pages – 147
Release Date – 28th October 2015
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
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synopsis of a witch The Grove

There is change in the air that starts from one spark and ends with death.

Seventeen-year-old Kassie Chadwick’s life is changing. She is becoming who she was destined to be. A mongrel. The next guardian of a rumored haunted woods.

She will lose everything important to her in order to find the truth of what she is and how to save the loved ones left in her life. Darkness will follow her until she has no other choice but to go into the infamous area and destroy what is trying to destroy her and others.

She will be forced into THE GROVE. Will you follow?

Review of a witch

Seventeen year old Kassie has just watched her father be killed by what she can only describe as a monster. The monster wanted something and her father refused to hand it over, ultimately resulting in his death.

Her mum is mentally ill, so Kassie is having to stay with her uncle. Behind her uncle’s house is a scary looking woods, a place that she is forbidden to enter; ‘The Grove’.

Rumours have it that the grove is haunted, and that those that go in, do not come out again.

Kassie starts to witness strange goings-on, leading her to discover secrets about herself and her family that she never expected.

The story starts off strong and heads straight into the thick of it, with the murder of her father. The pace is kept up for a couple of chapters, and then ebbs and flows for the next few, keeping me intrigued in the plot.

Kassie is easy to like and care for, though she is a little annoying at times. What her life is becoming scares her a little, yet she is determined to discover all of the secrets, especially if they can help her to help her family.

Unfortunately, I would love to stop here and say that it’s brilliant, five stars, but I can’t. At around 75% in, the book takes a strange turn and things don’t always add up. It felt like the author had put the book down for a while and then couldn’t quite remember the story when she had started writing again, or perhaps that someone else had finished the story. It just didn’t feel like the same person had written the last part.

Scenes didn’t play out right and I had to re-read parts to try to understand what was happening. Sometimes, even then I couldn’t get where the story was heading. The ending also didn’t make any sense to me.

With some work done to the last part The Grove has the potential to be a five star book. In its current state, I’m afraid that a three is all I can award, and that is only because I enjoyed the first three quarters. Such a shame.

Book reviewed by Stacey

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About the author of a witch

Kate Black

I have been creating stories since I was child. My parents can vouch for that. I have a super power where I can block out everyone around me so I can read books.

I reside in the DC/Metro area with my awesome husband, three beautiful kids, and my witchy cat. I love to read many genres. There is soo much a book can teach one person.

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