Ziger the Tiger is Getting Fat by Robert Locke – Book Review

Ziger the Tiger is Getting Fat by Robert Locke – Book Review


Ziger the Tiger is Getting Fat

Author – Robert Locke
Publisher – CreateSpace
Pages – 24
Release Date – 10th November 2016
ISBN-13 – 978-1539932529
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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synopsis of a witch Ziger the Tiger

Ziger The Tiger is back! This is the third story in the series of animal stories for kids and is all about eating fast food in the jungle.

Kids will find out what kind of food Ziger is eating and why his Mum recommends a healthier option. Ziger is convinced but has to hide a terrible secret from his Mum before the happy ending.

A great way for kids to relate to problems of eating fast food, how it can affect their views on their body image, and their health. The story has a few surprises, not least the intervention of Sniper Viper who is the snake behind JungleLeaks!

Review of a witch

This book had a lot of potential. It sounded like it was going to be a wonderful book, all about teaching children to choose the healthier options in life, in a fun way. It wasn’t!

Ziger is a young tiger who has been eating too much junk food and drinking too many fizzy drinks, as well as not doing any exercise. Then his friends start to notice his increasing stomach, and think that it’s okay to be nasty to him.

First we meet Tilly, who doesn’t want to have a selfie taken with a ‘fat Ziger’, as her friend’s would tease her about it. Then we meet the monkeys who shout at him, ‘Ziger’s fat’ and ‘Here comes chubby chub tiger’ and ‘Ooh, look at our plump tiger’. Then Leo the Lion doesn’t want to be seen at the gym with him, even though they have been going to the gym together for a while. Lastly, the laughing hyena, whose life was saved by Ziger, thought it was okay to snigger at him.

He also gets told that he is too fat for the work-out machines at the gym, and that he must really care about his six pack, as he keeps it under a layer of fat. There is also the cyber bulling on Facebook, from people insulting him.

His mum decides to help him lose weight by teaching him the rainbow method of eating more colourful, healthier food. She also wants him to stop drinking fizzy drinks, and drink water instead. So every time she finds an empty bottle of water in the trash, she will give him 5 points. Once he gets to 100, she will buy him a smart phone.

I don’t know how big these bottles of water are, but in the UK, we drink small bottles of water, and they tell us to drink at least 8 a day, so that would work out at 40 points. Plus he was also getting 2 points for every different coloured food item that he ate, so basically in two and a half days he would get a brand new smart phone.

Needless to say I am not impressed by this book. The author is fat-shaming the young tiger into losing weight, rather than concentrating on teaching him about what eating too much junk food can do to his body, and that everything is OK in moderation. The notion behind the book is, in a nutshell, if you are fat, you are ugly and it’s okay for people to pick on you and be nasty, and also that you have to be skinny for people to like you. The book also gives the impression that you can only eat healthy food, and that you are never allowed anything remotely sweet, sugary or unhealthy. Sorry, but in my world I believe that as long as the children are eating a balanced meal, then a slice of cake, a bag of crisps or perhaps even a few sweets, are okay.

Children need to be taught carefully that they are beautiful no matter what their size is, that beauty comes from within, whilst giving them the knowledge and steering them towards an active and healthy life. This book just doesn’t do that. I was also disappointed that an author would place a blatant political viewpoint into a book aimed at youngsters (ref: Wiki-leaks). I gave this book 2 stars. If it was for some quite nice images, it would have only been a 1 star book I’m afraid.

Book Reviewed by Stacey

Two star rating

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