Nibblers Plus by Obinna Hendrix – Book Review

Nibblers Plus by Obinna Hendrix – Book Review

NIbblers Plus by Obinna Hendrix

Nibblers Plus

Author – Obinna Hendrix
Pages – 85
Release Date – 2nd May 2016
Format – ebook
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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synopsis of a witch Nibblers Plus

Nibblers – Telekinesis is the next phase of human evolution. Nibblers have this ability and literally eat half the world’s population as a side effect of having their powers. They have lost all ability to speak, and communicate only through thought. They are a dangerous breed that can move objects by strength of thought. Humans must not only survive the flesh hungry Telekinetic Nibblers but also themselves, as they fight over dwindling supplies and territory.

Mandy is a Straggler, a lone wolf with no affiliations to any of the warring clans. She loots supplies from anywhere she can and hides from other people and the dreaded ruling fragment of the old government “Enterprise.”

How long can Mandy survive in a world where humans hate Stragglers and Nibblers want to eat anything that breathes?

Charlie & The Mixiegruff – An outsider, out on an ordinary day, somehow gets sucked into a crazy, dangerous, magical mirror world. He is soon attacked by harbingers of the darkness- Darkstalkers. Defenseless, Charlie is almost doomed to certain death, but for the intervention of an unlikely mythical hero who tries desperately to protect the drifter.

Zoe, the Mixiegruff and Charlie don’t exactly get on well. She can’t stand him, even though there is something about him that keeps her drawn to him. She stands by him through his dangerous journey into the Marelands, as they fend off Ogres, Dark fairies and other mythical adversaries.

Review of a witch

Nibblers Plus, is a novella of only 85 pages long, and contains two different stories. One twenty chapters long, the other only ten.

The main story, is Nibblers. It revolves around a distant, future world where dangerous creature, called Nibblers, can feed via telekinesis on humans. By 2050 these creatures, that look just like humans, though they can not speak, have wiped out half of the population.

The story for a very short novella contains a lot of different characters, caught up in a lot of different scenarios. From teenager Mandy, the Straggler who hooks up with a friendly Nibbler called Neb, to a Shaw (a body changer), called Daniel, who wanted to cut Mandy up. There is also Mr. Dempsey, who’s wife is murdering the women he has affairs with. Plus Bubba and Governess Hannah to name just a couple more.

To be perfectly honest with you, there is far too much going on, and far too many characters for such a short story. The book seems to just jump from one character to the next, none that I particularly liked, or cared for. The setting wasn’t explained, and the year is mentioned in the chapter title, but no where else.

There were also sexual references, some of them cringe-worthy, that didn’t need to be mentioned, such as Mr. Dempsey getting it on with his PA, an Asian lady, saying to her, “You dirty little *****!” “Are you getting all the dim sum you can handle?”.

Nibblers Plus was also quite hard to read. It was told in the third person, but in the present tense. I’m afraid to say that I lost interest in the story and starting skipping sections of the book. This one is definitely not for me, but if your into sci-fi, then it maybe of interest to you.

Book Reviewed by Stacey

Two star rating

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