Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride by Sun Chara – Publication Day

Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride by Sun Chara – Publication Day

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Recluse Millionaire

Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride

Author – Sun Chara
Publisher – HarperImpulse
Pages – 180
Release Date – 8th December 2017
ISBN 13 – 978-0008145071
Format – ebook, paperback

New Synopsis

Is his reluctant bride a business risk or a personal necessity?

Stan Rogers, recluse millionaire, must negotiate a risky deal with Stella Ryan, the exotic beauty from his past, to gain custody of his son. But how can he close the deal with her, the one and only woman who flips his switches and pegs him as the enemy?

Martial artist Stella knows she should steer clear of Stan, the man who had shattered her heart and could still destroy her. Four years have passed since their hostile business deal, and now, the American financier is proposing holy matrimony…but she’s the reluctant bride wondering, what’s he up to?

Excerpt – Chapter Two

Take the job.
No!” Stella leaped to her feet.
She mocked a cough to hide her discomfort, and reverted to her business persona. “I’d like to help, but it’s out of the question.
Think again,” he said, voice smooth, silky. “Do it for three months.
I couldn’t teach your son Karate in that time,” she said, voice soft. Was she weakening? Where was her tough stance? “It’s a lifetime thing.
I understand.” In two strides, he bridged the gap between them, crowding her. “But it would give him a start. Some basics.
He was so close, his body heat warmed, his breath fanned her cheek, the faint scent of Scotch making her want to taste…him. She folded her hands into fists, determined to chase away this overwhelming rush that had her heart battering her chest.
A philosophy, a discipline underscores the Martial Arts.” She forced the words out. “More important is when and how to use defense technique.
I know,” Stan said. “That’s why I didn’t want to hire just anyone.
You’re flattering me, Mr. Rogers,” Stella said, lowering her lashes a fraction. “However, three months is impossible.” Good, when she didn’t look at him, she sounded herself, the savvy businesswoman. “I’ve scheduled events I can’t get out—
Can’t or won’t.
You’ll find someone else to help your boy.” She dared lift her lashes…a mistake. Her breath swept out of her, leaving her deflated. “Someone willing to be on call…” She was fighting herself more than him.
His gaze turned steely. “As you could find another to refinance your mortgage next term.
He’d beat her to it, delivering his blow first. A hit to the gut.
You’re playing dirty.
I have no choice.
I’d have no problem renewing my mortgage from another investment firm,
she tested, every muscle in her body contracting. “Financially, I’m a worthy asset, remember.
He laughed, the harsh sound grating in the tense atmosphere between them. “A solid investment would be considered.” He curled his mouth into a cruel smile. “With so many foreclosures in this business, very few would bite anything else. Too risky.
I have good credit,” she blurted, a slight waver in her voice.
Sure now?
Stella shoved him back…another blunder…touching him rocked her to her toes. He didn’t move…so she did. Back two steps, three…a raging flame ignited her words. “You wouldn’t dare mess with my credentials.
His jaw jutted, and the flecks of navy in his eyes turned granite. “We’ll have you, Ryan or no one.” His veiled threat hung in the air.
She glared at him long and hard. Oxygen fueled her lungs and shot out of her. She’d never run from anyone in her life and she didn’t intend to start now. “What you want” –she advanced two steps closer to reclaim her space— “you get, by fair means or foul” –another step brought her within an inch of him— “is that it?
You have a problem with that?” He bent his head within an inch of her mouth, his breath a caress.

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New About the Author

Sun Chara

Sun Chara, an Amazon top 100 bestseller, writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance for Harper Impulse. JABBIC winner, Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella launched her writing career, spinning the ‘global millionaire’s series’.

She makes her home in southern California, and has appeared on stage/film to rave reviews in How the Other Half Loves, General Hospital, and McGee and Me.

With a Master’s Degree in Education, and membership in SAG/AFTRA and Romance Writers of America, she enjoys sipping designer Frappuccinos topped with whipped cream/sprinkles, and dancing on the beach…making everyday a celebration!

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