Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch – Book Review

Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch – Book Review

Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch

Stormy Weather

Author – Glen Ebisch
Publisher – The Wild Rose Press
Pages – 270
Release Date – 18th January 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-1509212392
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Jill
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New Synopsis Stormy Weather

When the body of Travis Lambert, senior meteorologist, is found buried in a shallow grave next to the house of Stormy McCloud, junior meteorologist, things look bad.

The station hires Chance Malone to investigate the murder, but her situation doesn’t improve. Malone is attractive, charming, and funny, all qualities that her past experience with men has led her to avoid. It doesn’t help that Stormy has little interest in religion, while Malone is the unusual detective that keeps a Bible in his desk drawer instead of a bottle of scotch.

When Stormy’s estranged mother appears on the scene, things become even more complicated. As they discover more about the dark secrets of Travis’s life, Stormy is forced to reconsider her view of men, her mother, and her future.

New Review

Stormy Weather begins well: Stormy McCloud is a likeable, sassy heroine, and when workmen come to dig a trench for a new garage beside her house and discover the body of one of her work colleagues, the scene is set for a delightful mystery. Then private investigator Chance Malone enters the picture ­— he’s one of the few who believe in Stormy’s innocence — and romance is also off to a good start, even though most serious conversations do end up with Chance quoting from the bible.

Complications soon take over. Stormy and Chance join forces to head their own investigation, and we meet all the secondary characters — and there are a great many of them: colleagues, the spouses of colleagues, the police, the landlord, seriously bad guys, an art critic and estranged parents. Add to that­ drugs, stolen statues, gun fights, knockouts, a kidnapping, marital drama and a feeling of abandonment, and it all becomes quite a jumble.

A jumble might please some, but there’s little refinement, and for me it did pall. By the time the mystery was solved, I didn’t really care. That left the love story. All Stormy needed to do for that to work, was start believing in God, and to agree to go to church with Chance. Which she does, of course. Which is exactly where the author was taking us right from the beginning.

Book reviewed by Jill

Two star rating

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New About the Author

glen_ebisch Stormy Weather

I was born in Passaic, New Jersey, and grew up in the nearby city of Clifton. After graduating from Clifton High School, I attended the Newark College of Arts and Sciences branch of Rutgers University where I received an AB in political science. I went on to graduate school at Cornell University where I earned an MA in government.

After serving in the Army in Vietnam, I returned to graduate school at Columbia University where I got an MA and PhD in philosophy. For the next ten years, I held a variety of jobs, most in the field of education. I also got married and began writing fiction. I later started teaching philosophy at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts where I am today a professor emeritus.

During my time teaching I continued to write mysteries, first for young people, then for adults, as I still do today. My stories combine suspense, romance, and humor with a hopefully thought-provoking mystery.

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